Covid-19 Vaccines – The big questions

Welcome to our first Cultural Café event of 2021! This month’s theme is very current as it is focusing on the covid-19 vaccine, which is being rolled out as we speak.

The pandemic has put the world upside down causing many deaths, loss of jobs, instability and brought to many cases of physical and mental health issues. In record breaking time, new vaccines have been made available to prevent further spreading of Covid-19 and many countries have bought them for their population but many questions still remain.

How will the covid vaccine work and what exactly is a vaccine? Some people are sceptical on vaccines partly on fears of something going wrong but often also on misinformation and theories spreading on internet. How can we as a society counter fake news and spread scientific findings? To what extent should governments push their citizens to take the vaccine in the interest of public health and to what extent should people be unconditionally free to make their own individual choices? – These questions and more will be discussed during the event!

To help us find some answers we will be welcoming two speakers :

– to soon be announced!

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