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Work and Volunteer Experiences Outside of University


I followed a course to become a lifeguard aged 16 as I have always done swimming since I was kid and wanted to get a job for the summer as I lived on an island. I worked for two years: the first one in a Hotel swimming pool, second one on a beach as a volunteer.

Volunteer for the Italian Ambulance Service (118).

One of those experiences I would strongly recommend to anyone as beyond giving you in-depth knowledge of first aid, it also shows you things you would never have thought of. In Italy most of the ambulances that respond to the emergency call (118) are run by voluntary associations in which its senior members have decades of hands-on experience beyond the theory courses that they have to follow. Depending on the number of ambulances with doctors available you can get sent out into real emergencies and deal with life threatening situations. The ability of working against the clock, under pressure with the fear that your wrong-doing could affect someone’s health is essential whilst volunteering with the service. Being part of the rescue team, even if you’re the newest member of the team as I was (with the least responsibilities/decisions to make), is an eye-opening experience from which the lessons you learn you will keep for life.

The name of the association is: S.O.S. Quartu 

Waiter at ‘Kontiki‘ Restaurant.

In Summer 2012 I worked in my local Pizzeria and Restaurant back in Sardinia. The place in the summer especially, gets really popular and the experience of working there 6 days a week was good as the managers and my colleagues were really nice. It showed me a new way of running a business based on a relaxed, informal relationship between managers and staff that are have developed a true friendship, they tease each other, they go out together, celebrate birthdays, buy drinks for each other and so on. This relation works amazingly well in creating a nice work environment that clearly reflects on the positive customer’s experience.


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