Since a young age I have always been interested in national and international politics and tried to understand it from the news. 

Early days: Leading a Small Rebellion

In my second year of primary school my teacher assigned us our first ‘homework’, much to everyone’s discontent and together with my classmate Mikela we started banging on the desks and shouting ‘ingiustizia’ (injustice). Funny thing is that everyone else followed and by the end of it the teacher decided to not give us homework for the day. Sweet success. Needless to say a few days on homework was successfully assigned as the teacher got used to the protesting chant.

At High School: speaking on behalf of the students in my school on the county board

I  was first elected class representative to then progress in representing the 800 students of my school on the administration bord and on the inter-school county committee.

This was a really important experience in my life as it helped me understand the importance of efficient communication and the use of new and alternative methods to engage and relate to as many students as possible.

During my year representing my school I had to host the monthly school assemblies, take part in the regular administration meetings and contribute with creative ideas to improve the school for the benefit of its student population.

organised a road safety project and

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