Sometimes we overhear conversations of strangers in cafés of topics which we can relate to.

We might feel guilty for eavesdropping, but also at the same time feel relieved in hearing that person nearby’s story.  Their stories and ours might be relatable and this gives a massive sense of relief. It is these encounters that make us realise that we are not that special or strange, we are just humans like many others and we all experience similar struggles.


Often you just see the person from behind hence the name of this section #BackStories which also guarantees the anonymity of the person sharing.

This is your space in the online café, to share a story of everyday life or of a particular event which you think is important and that you believe others could benefit from hearing.

Weather it’s mental health, problems within the family, with a partner, sexuality, insecurities in general or worries as long as it’s authentic.


Don’t be afraid of writing, in this section anonymity is key and it is a chance for you to take the lead in setting the topic on Lost in a Cup.

Below you find a form where you can submit your story. The name and email boxes are optional, fill them in only if you wish to. If you choose to put your details you will be contacted privately before the story gets published to check what information you wish to share on the post. Some might wish their contact to be visible so that they can be contacted by people suffering of similar experiences.


This section follows the entire website / online cultural café ethos which is to make this space a platform in which beyond buying coffee one can express thoughts, opinions and feelings freely. So go ahead, fill in the form below and #EspressøYourself

Thanks for your help, every story counts!




Lost in a Cup


Post your story here

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