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This is going to be quite a long explanation to who I am and what I have done in the past as I think it is important for the reader to know my cultural background to better understand what I write and why I focus on certain things. I have summarised key dates and facts in the bullet-points but if you have a chance read through the lines!


Born: London

Lived: Quartu Sant’Elena, near Cagliari, Sardinia (Italy).

Graduated from ‘Liceo Scientifico G. Brotzu’: July 2011

Studied a Bachelor of Arts degree at ‘The University of Manchester’ (UK) in History and Sociology : September 2011 – July 2015

Erasmus Exchange in Uppsala University (Sweden): from January 2013 – June 2013

2015 – August 2016 Worked in London and Sardinia and followed a course to become an English Language teacher

Started my Master in Humanities and Cultural Anthropology in Uppsala University (Sweden): August 2016 –

Started my own business, which has the same name as the blog, whilst studying. People have asked me how I have time to do all this, to which my answer is that many peers have ‘student jobs’ that could one day lead to a full-time career and this is mine. Main focus of the start-up is importing espresso coffee and other related products from Sardinia and selling them on the Scandinavian market. August 2017

Story of my life..

 As soon as I was old enough to fly (2 months) I took my first flight from London to Sardinia, a beautiful island in the heart of the mediterranean between mainland Italy and Spain (no it’s not where the Mafia is, that’s Sicily). I lived in the suberbs of Quartu S. Elena for 19 years, really close to Cagliari, the ‘capital’ of Sardinia, located on the south coast of the island and where most of my Italian side of the family lives.

So Sardinian father, English moteher I have always spoken English at home and Italian at school and with friends which gave me the advantage of being able to comunicate fluently in both languages from a very early age.


In school and Italian society my first and middle name always distinguished me as ‘the English boy’, something that then and now always made me very proud and I always enjoyed the massive advantage this gave me when following compulsory English language courses at school.

I studied in my local state school, ‘Liceo Scientifico Giuseppe Brotzu’, that in the Italian education system is a school that prepares a middle-school leaver to continuying studies at university level by giving a broad general knowledge basis. In the 5 years I staid there I studided 15 different subject areas: Italian, English, Latin (grammar and literature), History, History of Art, Philosophy, physics, Mathematics, Biology, Chemestry, Tecnical Drawing, Geography, Astronomy, P.E. and R.E.

I finished my final multi-disciplinary exam (Esame di Maturita’) in July 2011 and got high enough grades to study in England, where I moved to in September that year to start my Undergraduate studies at the University of Manchester.

I studied a joint honours degree in History and Sociology that allowed me to explore and try to understand past and present society of different parts of the world. The modules I chose in year one where more about the ‘world’ covering topics such as: trade, media, economic and political patterns and so on. In second year instead I focused my studies on the individual by looking at forms of identity (in modern history and sociology) and cultural comparisons.

In my final year of my bachelor I wrote my history dissertation on the history of student organisations and traditions with particular focus on the Student Nations in Sweden.

I  now follow a Master degree in Humanities and Cultural Anthropology at Uppsala University as when I was on exchange I took a course in this discipline and really enjoyed it so decided to dedicate 2 years of my life to this academic field.


People: As reflected by my studies my main interest is people and comparing their differences and similarities.

Communication: A fine art that connects people in dialogues in various languages and in many different ever-changing ways. These skills can have a lot of power in uniting, dividing, cheering, angering, enriching or fooling people and it all depends on: who does it and in what way. The complexity of our communication patterns is what distinguishes humans from animals and understanding the systems behind them, is the key of true social understanding.

Coffee: It is more of a passion then an interest, but I love the taste of it, the energy it gives and the rituals associated with its consumption; from the coffee shop, to Swedish Fika in a traditional konditori, the automatic machine or even better: on the patio of an Italian bar.

Discovering: I enjoy travelling and discovering new places that could be going to a different continent, walking home taking a different street or venturing into a part of town I’ve never been to before (even in unheard of places such as ‘Chrolotn-cum-hardy’).

I really enjoy the travelling itself, my favourite means of transportation are planes and trains.

Planes: I have been lucky to have flown back and forth from London to Sardinia all my life to visit family in England. As a kid I wanted to be a pilot (who didn’t?) and still now the idea intrigues me.

Trains: When I was a kid both my grandmothers would take me on trains and buses to make me happy and sometimes even to the local public transport museum (in London’s Covent Garden and, in Sardinia, in Monserrato).

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