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Ghost Villages (5/5): Social and Medical Services, focus on the elderly

If Sardinian authorities centralise everything in three of four cities for

Food & Drink you must try in Sardinia

The other day I met a chatty Swedish guy in a

Ghost Villages: Technological Improvements

[content coming soon.. ]

Ghost Villages in Sardinia (1/5): Education

As a guy from the village of Ales, in central Sardinia,

The Problem of the ‘Ghost Villages’ in Sardinia

In September there will be a one week course held in

25 Aprile: Lettera a gli Studenti Italiani di Uppsala

[English below] Carissimi soci, Oggi l’Italia festeggia la ‘Festa di Liberazione’.

Lettera ai Brotzini – 12 Aprile ’17

Lettera scritta a gli attuali studenti del Liceo Brotzu di Quartu

The Sardinian Diaspora

Sardinia has a total population of around 1.6 million inhabitants (roughly

Take Me to Church 

Being brought up as a Catholic I got the chance to