Landskap: Painting the Picture of Next Semester’s Nation Life

Landskap is the Nation’s general election which is held near to the end of the current semester so people can apply or stand for election to ämbeten (jobs / offices) within the nation for the following semester. It is one of the oldest traditions maintained by the nations which from the very beginning have had a strong democratic process underpinning major decisions and the appointment of responsible people to run them.


Our nation has around sixty different positions as Ämbetsverkare, each one having different levels of responsibilities, regular duties to follow and also perks (like the KK card which allows you to queue jump and get in for free at all nation clubs and bring a friend too. Here is the list of the different categories of Ämbetsverkare:

  • Directors: Kurators ,  four full time officers who put their studies on hold for a year to serve the nation.
  • Senior Management: Kitchen managers (2), Bar chiefs (2), Sexa masters (2), Head Waiter
  • Middle management: Fika Bosses (2), Pub bosses (2), Club bosses (4), After school (4), Gyllene Grippen hosts for our luxury restaurant which opens occasionally (2).
  • Junior management, useful way of getting involved in the active life of a student nation! FIka Workers (14) > run our cafe once a week, KLV – Club Workers (12) > run our pub once a week and work at gasques.
  • Cultural section: many different positions from international secretary to film night host, to theatre group, environmental secretary… They are less visible compared to other workers in our nation, but without them our organisation would just be a student cafe and pub; instead thanks to the cultural workers, we are so much more.


On the evening of the 9th May, we will have our second Landskap of the semester in which we elect everyone except the Kurators. In accordance with tradition, the proceedings will be held in Swedish, partly for historical and cultural reasons aimed at maintaining tradition, but mainly because all the nations’ laws are in Swedish. It would, therefore, be very impractical to have to translate everything into another language. Fortunately we have created a system to make everyone feel involved by setting up a  group chat network in which two Swedes write the essential parts of what’s happening in English so that all the non-Swedish speakers can read what is being said from their smartphones.


I personally strongly recommend attending at least one Landskap as it is interesting to follow an old tradition centred around democratic principles, with the aim of electing people who will commit to doing their job and  improving the nation in the way they know best. You also get the chance to meet all the current and future active members in the nation and after voting is over, which normally lasts a maximum of two or three hours, we have ‘Landskap-sexa’.


This is an informal dinner which most people going to the elections attend. As always in our nation, food is really tasty and good value for money as 80 Kr for a two course dinner including some drinks is better than the Max Hamburger meal! In addition to the great food ,this is a really good opportunity to meet new people and sing some Swedish student songs (if you have a song book remember to bring it!). If this is your first semester as a member of our nation, ÖG pays for your dinner as a way of welcoming you to our organisation. After dinner we move downstairs to the pub area to chat, play games and sometimes dance for hours until Kristin and Viktor, our sexa masters, throw us out!  


When: 18:00 on the 9th of May 2017

Where: Stora Salen (the great hall) – Ostgota Nation

Östgöta Nation Card and Photo ID required

Östgöta Nation members only


Alexander Maxia



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