Alexander Maxia

Founder & Editor of Lost in a Cup

‘Coffee drinking should not be seen as a routine but rather appreciated each time as a ritual that enables us to achieve greater things.’


Born in London, grew up in Cagliari, on the island of Sardinia (Italy) and currently based in Uppsala, just north of Stockholm (Sweden). 

Has been passionate about writing and producing media since an early age starting with the high school magazine to then move into student media during university years in both Manchester and Uppsala. He founded Lost in a Cup as an exchange student’s blog in 2013 and then developed the concept further in 2017 towards creating the content you see today. 

Interests: a bit of a history nerd with and enjoys diving into innovation, urban development, politics, current affairs, cultures & traditions plus has an odd fascination for accents!

Recent Posts: Lost In A Cup

Cultural Café #3: Can We Recycle Our Way To Sustainability?

October’s cultural café will focus on environment and dig into the big questions around aspiring to live in a sustainable way but at the same time continuing to live the lifestyle we got used to. Recycling efforts have increased massively, especially in Europe, but is that actually the full answer to our problem? To explore …

Gang Culture

Mats Utas is a professor in Anthropology and head of the department of Anthropology and Ethnology at Uppsala University. His research mainly focused on conflict and post conflict situations based on extensive fieldwork in West Africa, mainly Liberia and Sierra Leon. In this video he contributes with his analysis on gang culture based on post-conflict …

Cultural Café at Kulturnatten 2020!

Uppsala is our home city and every year the municipality organises Kulturnatten, an event which normally gathers thousands of people who visit Uppsala from all over Sweden. This year, due to covid-19 it is going to be 100% digital which, on the bright side, means that people from all over the world can take part …

September 2nd – Cultural Café #2: Should I report this?

After a Summer break and loads of iced coffees in the sun, Lost in a Cup is back in town and so are the Cultural Cafés! Following the success of our first digital event in July, we decided to keep it going and hold more events in the coming months with different themes and topics …

Cultural Café Events in 2020: Save the Dates!

The ‘Cultural Cafe‘ is Lost in a Cup’s signature event and we would love it if you came! That’s why we are publishing all the dates of the upcoming digital events now – for the rest of 2020, so you can write it down in your diary and join us. 2nd of September – Should …