Adesso Espresso – Delux Starter Pack



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This Deluxe version of the Adesso Espresso Starter pack includes everything that the basic one has PLUS the Adesso Espresso Milk foamer which is essential for making those frothy Cappuccinos and Lattes.

Are you looking for an easy way to improve your Espresso and Cappuccino experience at home or in the office? Do you like great tasting coffee but do not have the time go to Italy? Want to be able to recreate the ‘Café experience’ but don’t have the space or patience to work a big espresso machine?

Then this the Adesso Espresso Starter Pack Delux is for you!

This includes:

  • Adesso Espresso 3.0 – Capsule Machine1499 SEK
  • 1 Adesso Espresso – Milk foamer – 645 SEK
  • 2 Boxes with 100 recyclable capsules each, of Adesso Espresso (Classico, Decaffeinated, Esclusivo) – 499 SEK x 2 = 998 SEK

Total: 3142 SEK


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