La Tazza d’Oro Gold – Biodeg. Pod – 150 pcs


La Tazza d’oro Gold Pod, simplifies espresso making without compromising its quality and taste. The paper sachet has exactly the right amount of coffee powder needed to make the perfect espresso, in a similar way to capsules. Unlike capsules the pods can be put in the Compost Box as they are 100% Biodegradable.


Roasted by ‘La Tazza d’Oro’, in Sardinia – Italy, following over 80 years of experience and passion for espresso coffee tradition.

| 90% Arabica + 10% Robusta |


La Tazza d’oro Gold Pod, is made of beans from Brazil and Tanzania which are roasted, powdered and inserted into mono-dose biodegradable pods to maintain its persistent aroma and medium-full body.

An exquisite, much sought-after high-quality blend,  for everyone who loves an intense espresso.

The coffee is characterized by a slow toasting and a hazy hazelnut “crema”.

The cup is light and balanced, exalted by notes of bitter chocolate with a lingering aftertaste and a hint of light and spicy black pepper.

Each pod vacuum pack contains about 7 grams of ground coffee – the ideal dose to fully enjoy the unique characteristics of the blend.

The delicate aromatic flavor of the Arabica bean prevails, while the Robusta gives the rich taste.

Available in box of 150 biodegradable pods.

Additional information

Weight 1.6 kg
Dimensions 29 × 27 × 17 cm


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