My name is Alex Maxia and I’m standing for the ‘Community Officer’ position in the next University of Manchester’s Student Union Elections.

Manchester's SU Elections 2013

University of Manchester Students can vote for me viaMy Manchester from the 8th to the 14th of March 2013.

I’m not currently in Manchester as I am on Erasmus exchange in Sweden and it is the amazing student life that I’m experiencing here that is the main reason why I thought I would run.

I decided not to go for the ‘conventional campaigning’ so:

  • No Flyers
  • No Posters Everywhere
  • Not going to be harassing you on the street
  • Do not have an official ‘campaign team’ 
  • I only have a blog, an email address a contact Skype and a bunch of ideas.

Basically my ‘campaign’ is based on a blog (this one), a YouTube channel but mainly on my ideas. If you like what I have in mind, vote for me and tell all your friends and course mates to do so too!!

If you have any questions feel free to ask, drop me an email or we could arrange to speak via Skype (it’s the closest I can get to actually meeting you).

Twitter: @ajmaxi


What is the role of a ‘Community Officer’?

I think the best explanation can be found on the Student Union’s website,.so click here to open a pop-up page.


  •  Develop a stronger sense of identity and social responsibility across and between the student and wider community. Direct the Union’s work on matters concerning student accommodation, crime, safety and as student residents Work within Halls to ensure their input and influence on Union activities and strengthen the experience of students in halls Represent students within the local community to Councils, Residents Groups and other community organisations.

My Aim? 

To create a stronger, united Student Community in Manchester, our union has the highest number of members in the UK, we should be the heart of the student life in our city.


I have quite a few ideas, needless to say that I will be open to new ideas and I’m planing on having some contact hours in a bar in Fallowfield and Victoria Park so to be easy to find and talk to.

Click here to see what I have in mind. 

Why Bother?

Good question!

The only reason is because I feel I could be the right person for the job. I know I sound big headed but feel free to judge yourself, I have written quite a lot on my blog/website even before deciding to run for the elections and you will find an index of articles and themes by clicking here.

If you want to read more about who I am, where I’m from and what I’ve done in the past check out the Biography section of the blog.

Living in a Swedish university has shown me how many things could be improved back in Manchester. Most of my ideas are not massively expensive projects and with a bit of will-power and determination they can be done in a short period of time.

This does not mean that it will be easy but I’m up for the challenge.

I have always valued as really important the community in which we live in and I think that safety, good standards of living and closeness to the people that surround you are essential for enjoying to your maximum where you live and study.

If I don’t get elected I will most likely go back to my parents’ house in Sardinia, a beautiful island in the middle of the Mediterranean with amazing beaches, hot climate and most of all people that I have not seen in ages and that I miss dearly. But I will be more then happy to take a year out of my studies and spend my summer in rainy, grey Manchester to undergo training and start work if my effort can successfully improve the student experience in my university.


 How to Vote?

You can vote from the 8/03 to the 14/03 if you are a University of Manchester student (even PG).

If you haven’t voted before it’s REALLY easy to do and it just takes less then a minute! So:

  1. Go to ‘My Manchesterand Log In.
  2. Select ‘My Union’ then ‘Student Union’s Elections’
  3. Then go to the section ‘Vote for Community Officer’
  4. Select Alexander Maxia #1 (if you want me to get the job!)
  5. DONE!

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