Alex Maxia

Alex Maxia | Photo: Erika Di Benedetto

Founder of Lost in a Cup and Freelance journalist based in Gothenburg (Sweden).

I cover Scandinavian affairs for the Italian news agency Agenzia ANSA, The Times and more.

I’m also co-founder and project manager of Nordljud, the Nordic Studentradio network that aims at connecting the next generation of radio broadcasters and aspiring journalists across Nordic country boarders.

Key facts

  • Born in London, grew up in Cagliari, Sardinia (Italy)
  • Has lived in Sweden since 2016. Since 2021 lives in Gothenburg.
  • Started Lost in a Cup as a blog in 2013 and as a startup in 2017
  • Works as a freelance journalist since 2020.
  • Speaks English, Italian, Swedish, Norwegian and understands Danish and Spanish.



P3 Dokumnetär – Sveriges Radio. ‘Kryssningskatastrofen och “Kapten Ynkrygg” ‘ – radio documentary on the sinking of the cruise-liner Costa Concordia and the media storm that followed. (2021)

Raidio Uno Rai – GR1. Reporting for the morning news on Italian public service radio from Oslo and Utøya, 10 years after the worst terror attack in the Nordic countries in which 77 people died.

BBC News – World Service Radio. Reporting from Oslo on the commemorations of the 22nd of July terror attacks.

P3 Dokumentär – Sveriges Radio. ‘Kriget mot Sicilianska Maffian’ – radio documentary on the war against Sicilian mafia (2021).

Människor och Tro (religion and society) on P1 – Sveriges Radio. Reportage from Rome on ‘ Women’s role in the Catholic Church’ (2021).

P3 Nyheter – Sveriges Radio. Reporting from Rome on the return of tourism after the change in covid restrictions (2021).

Musikguiden i P3 – Sveriges Radio. Reporting from Rome on the victory of Italian rock band Måneskin at Eurovision (2021).


The Local

The Cashless Society – (2020)

The Local


BBC Worklife – Friluftsliv. Fixer for the filming of Maddy Savage’s report on ‘outdoor living’ in Sweden.

BBC Travel – Valborg. Researched for the report by Maddy Savage on the tradition of Valborg in Uppsala (2019).

Since a very young age has been writing for student media, started a blog whilst on exchange semester in Sweden (early 2013) and still writes to date.

Studies: Grew up in Italy and went to Liceo Scientifico then took a Bachelor’s degree in History and Sociology at The University of Manchester. During the bachelor he went on Erasmus to Uppsala, city he would then move to for a Master’s degree in Cultural Anthropology, completed in early 2020. He now studies a Masters’ in investigative journalism at Gothenburg university.


  • People: As reflected by my studies my main interest is people and comparing their differences and similarities.
  • Communication: A fine art that connects people in dialogues in various languages and in many different ever-changing ways. These skills can have a lot of power in uniting, dividing, cheering, angering, enriching or fooling people and it all depends on: who does it and in what way. The complexity of our communication patterns is what distinguishes humans from animals and understanding the systems behind them, is the key of true social understanding.
  • Coffee: It is more of a passion then an interest, but I love the taste of it, the energy it gives and the rituals associated with its consumption; from the coffee shop, to Swedish Fika in a traditional konditori, the automatic machine or even better: on the patio of an Italian bar.
  • Discovering: I enjoy travelling and discovering new places that could be going to a different continent, walking home taking a different street or venturing into a part of town I’ve never been to before (even in unheard of places such as ‘Chrolotn-cum-hardy’).