A hashtag turned life philosophy.

#EspressøYourself started as a play of words to promote the business side of the startup but then evolved into a more complex concept. As many things in Lost in a Cup, there is more to it than meets the eye.

The choice of the Scandinavian ø (used in Danish and Norwegian) was purely for its ambivalent look for an alphabet which does not have that letter as it looks like an ‘o’ that has been crossed out. Hence you can read it in two ways:

  • With the ‘o’ connecting to the business side of the startup; reselling espresso coffee that you can make yourself at home just as good as in an Italian Bar.
  • Omitting the ‘o’ – espress yourself – which  connects to the cultural and philanthropical side of the startup: to create a platform where people can express opinions and points of view openly.  This can be done either by submitting a contribution, in #BackStories for example, or taking part in the debate via the comment section at the bottom of each article or on the connected social media pages.

This idea and hashtag and the entire entrepreneurial concept of importing Italian espresso coffee would not have been developed if it had not been for the difficulty in finding good quality espresso at reasonable prices around Uppsala and a few episodes of bad communication and lack of willingness to understand and solve a situation. These two factors were the pillars on which this whole concept is built on.

“Whatever people say don’t be afraid to speak out and espressøyourself”