A hashtag turned life philosophy.

#EspressøYourself started as a play of words to promote the business side of the startup but then evolved into a more complex concept. As many things in Lost in a Cup, there is more to it than meets the eye.

The choice of the Scandinavian ø (used in Danish and Norwegian) was purely for its ambivalent look for an alphabet which does not have that letter as it looks like an ‘o’ that has been crossed out. Hence you can read it in two ways:

  • With the ‘o’ . Espresso-yourself which recalls Italy’s favourite type of coffee, a strong and short boost of energy that keeps you focused. This is like the content we aim to create: short, concise and to the point.
  • Omitting the ‘o’ – Espress-yourself – which  connects to the broader mission of the startup: to create a platform where people can express opinions and points of view openly.  This can be done by taking part in our Cultural Café events.

This idea and hashtag and the entire entrepreneurial concept came from noticing an increasing polarisation in society where people find it ever harder to meet others of different backgrounds and mindsets to discuss world views. It is this lack of physical discussions that is the root of many misunderstandings and that fuels hate and divisions which in turn bring further problems in our communities.

We are determined to give our contribution and push for more conversations to happen, leading the way to a more understanding and caring society that is not limited by physical walls, boarders or time zones. This is your space to be human.

“Whatever people say don’t be afraid to speak out and espressøyourself”