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Lost in a Cup‘s philosophy is that good conversations and good coffee go hand in hand; this idea inspired the creation of this website as the world’s first online Cultural Café.


Whilst the digital era we live in never stops amazing us with new possibilities in creating and sharing with people across the world, it sometimes alienates us from the people around us. That’s why Lost in a Cup never intends to substitute physical cafes, instead it wishes to affiliate itself with them and help them to deliver outstanding coffee whilst playing  a key role within the social scene of the community.


Mixing coffee with a lot of good will has the amazing  power to transform four walls into an oasis of relax and tranquility where people can go to escape from the daily hustle & bustle or boredom, in some cases. People choose to go to Cafes for many different reasons but whatever the reason may be, good coffee and a friendly fika atmosphere are key to success.


Would you like your Café to be more than just coffee? Could you maybe be interested in being known as the local ‘Cultural Café‘?


Lost in a Cup offers more than your average coffee provider and is ready to help find a solution that works well for you in providing good coffee and developing ideas together, with the goal of making your four walls something more than a caffeine fixer.


If you already have your Café idea sorted out and are just interested in good coffee, contact us directly. 5% of profits from all coffee selling go to charities which work on environmental issues.

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