Recipe: Espresso Martini

When you think of an espresso based cocktail the first thing that will spring to mind to most people is the all time classic ‘Espresso Martini’

A  very easy to make cocktail which tastes fantastic if you use the right ingredients.


Dick Bradsell, inventor of ‘Espresso Martini

It was invented in the late 1980’s by barman Dick Bradsell when a top model requested a cocktail that would: Wake me up and then f**k me up’.


The name comes from the main ingredient used for the drink together with the glass its served in even though it has no actual ‘Martini’ in it.

It soon became a popular drink across the world as its blend of enveloping taste and the simplicity in preparing it made it a perfect after dinner drink.

The bitter coffee flavor mixes with the coffee liquor to give birth to a drink to sip in all seasons. In the summer you can serve with ice scales, as a slush.


How to prepare it

The steps to prepare the Espresso Martini Coffee Cup La Tazza d’oro are few and simple.

We cool off a cocktail cup and pour 5 cl of vodka, 3 cl of espresso

coffee and 2 cl of coffee liqueur into a shaker.


Put the ice very dry and shake it very energetically for about a minute. Pour all the mixture, which will appear with a light foam consistent, in the cocktail cup previously flavoured with a touch of lime.

If you like, serve it on a slate dish with a tartar of fresh fruits and berries, lime and some coffee beans.


For an exquisite dessert version you can easily make a coffee affogato: put two cream ice cream balls in a bowl, add the Espresso Martini, plus another boiling coffee on the icecream  and… the refereshing dessert is served!


A more alcoholic variant is to replace Vodka with any kind of grappa, for a fuller and stronger drink.

As for any cocktail, the key is good ingredients so choose a nice vodka and a really good blend of coffee, such as ‘La Tazza d’Oro Miscela Bar’ to ensure an optimal result. 


Credits for this version of the recipe to ‘La Tazza d’Oro’.

Week’s Drink: Espresso Tonic

Many love a good G&T but have you ever tried an E&T?                                                                            


From my experience working behind the bar in Sweden, two of the most popular drinks in clubs are Gin and Tonic or Vodka Redbull, the first chosen for the taste and the second mainly for the energising effect it gives.


What if there was a way of mixing those two concepts? What if there was a good tasting drink which could also be energising and also looking good at the same time?


The combination of Tonic Water and Espresso coffee might sound odd, it did to me too. However, after the first time I tried it, I was completely converted.

It is a beautiful drink to watch make and super simple


  • 2 shots (50–60 ml) of good quality espresso
  • 1.5 dl tonic water
  • 1 lime wedge
  • Ice
  1. Prepare a double espresso and leave to cool.
  2. Fill up a glass (200 ml) with ice.
  3. Squeeze the lime juice on top of the ice.
  4. Pour in the tonic water and gently pour in the slightly cooled double espresso.


In my experience you can easily do without the lime, especially if the espresso is good quality. To get the most out of the taste I suggest Arabica 100% if possible or a blend with at least 70% Arabica beans.


If you are in a party mode and want to spike it with some Gin many have done that although I have not  tried it so far but I believe it should work; booze and good espresso are a marriage made in heaven. Who needs energy drinks when you have espresso?!