Sweden by an Exchange Student Archive

Why do women feel so much safer on the streets of Sweden?

Re-post of an article written by me for ‘The Mancunion’, Manchester

Sankta Lucia

Sankta Lucia in Sweden is one of the most iconic festivity

Must have apps for an Uppsala Student

Uppsala student specific Nationsguiden (or nationsguiden.se) is an app to get

Guide to Student Life in Uppsala

Uppsala is one of the best cities to be a student

Sweden, all the little things

When living In Sweden one notices an infinity of small things

From Church to Research

The University of Uppsala is the oldest in the Scandinavian peninsula as

4 Years of Lost in a Cup 

On the 8th of February 2013, barely 1 month into my

Songs You Would Hear in a Swedish Café – 2016

This is a selection of Swedish artists and their songs that

Songs about Uppsala!

These are the 2 most popular Swedish songs on Sweden's 4th

Swedish Pop: Magdalena’s List

This is a list of the essential Swedish Pop that everyone