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This section is dedicated to the Cultural side of LOST IN A CUP which is also the oldest part of this website which started as an ‘exchange student blog’ back in February 2013.


Through this blog you will find a link to virtually everything I have ever published online.

So go make yourself a cuppa  tea or perhaps an espresso, grab a few biscuits, sit back, relax and enjoy.

Hope you’ll find something that interests you and feel free to leave a comment here and there, if you wish.

Thanks for reading!


The name of the blog is a translation of the Italian saying ‘perdersi in un bicchiere d’acqua’. People in Italy would use this expression to describe when a person finds a situation more complicated than one normally would or should. Some people say I tend to do that but in most of the cases I just over-think things, that overall is a good thing, as I’m sure you’ll agree once you read a few posts. An example could be the state of mental confusion I experience when asked one of the simplest questions: ‘where are you from?’ This has become a reoccurring phenomenon as I attempt to engage in ‘ice-breaking’ conversations with new students from across the world that study here in Uppsala University (Sweden), most of whom, are on a ‘study abroad’ program. Sweden is the first country I have lived in without having family and cultural ties to and as before I would define myself as English when in Sardinia/Italy and Italian when in the UK, now that I’m living in Sweden finding an answer has become a hell lot harder.


The original saying specifies ‘bicchier d’acqua’ (cup of water) but I purposely did not specify what’s inside the cup as the content will vary depending on which country I’m writing about:

Lost in a Cup… of Tea: If the topics regard issues concerning British culture, news or similar you will find them in this section.

Lost in a Cup… of Espresso: If the topic covers themes that concern Italy, in particular I predict most of my posts to be concentrated on the political situation, but I will try and do so in an ironic, light-hearted way. ‘Un caffe’ senza zucchero’, a suger-less coffee, very bitter, that is the best way to describe this section.

Lost in a Cup… of Kaffe: This is where you will find most posts as I stayed 6 months (between January and June 2013) as an  Erasmus exchange student in Uppsala in which I wrote a lot about Swedish culture and their ‘philosophy of life.’ Plus now I’ve moved back to Uppsala for a Master course so will have plenty more to write here.  Kaffe is the Swedish word for coffee and in Sweden one has coffee as part of a daily ritual of having a coffee break with colleagues or going out for coffee and cakes with friends or even on a date.

Lost in a Cup… of Soup: This section is dedicated to the posts regarding global issues or topics that do not relate to the UK, Italy or Sweden. Why soup? Because soups are common to nearly every culture around the world and although they vary a lot in contense the basic principle is the same (something hot and nice).


Although the blog was originally created with the intention of dedicating it exclusively to talk about cultural comparisons I then thought of dividing it into several sections and broadening the purposes and variety of content available on this website.


I chose to write the blog in English so that it could be read and understood by many more millions of people in the world that do not speak Italian, plus by doing so I give my Italian friends a good chance to read and improve their English – se non volete leggere tutto in Inglese usate Google Chrome e vi traduce tutto e nonostante sia un pó ‘alla cazzo di cane’ si dovrebbe capire il senso generale…