Cultural Café

What is a ‘Lost in a Cup Cultural Café’ event?

Cultural Cafés are our signature events, created for people from across society who want to discuss current affairs and topics of global interest with others.

The format is inspired by the original ‘cultural cafes’ which in the 1800’s brought people together to drink coffee and share ideas, thoughts and dreams about the world they lived in.

Lost in a Cup’s Cultural Café events work like this:

  • A theme for the discussions is presented to the audience.
  • We structure the theme into questions which the participants discusses in smaller groups. We call these: ‘coffee table discussions’.
  • The discussions are organised around three more specific areas within the broader topic.
  • Towards the end of the event, everyone is invited to a larger discussion, called ‘Café Floor’. where we can share thoughts about the topic and the discussions we had to a broader audience. 

Remember, we are not here to test each other‘s knowledge, judge opinions or try to convince everyone else that we are right! We are here to share points of view with others and by understanding what others think, we enrich ourselves in the process gaining a broader understanding of the topic.

The purpose of the Cultural Café is to find a way for each and everyone to understand other people’s views and get different insights on a set-topic. However, we do love to discuss and we do our best to design the questions so to challenge our thinking and get the conversations flowing.

The event is estimated to last around 1,5 hours, with some time over if the discussions get really interesting.

For now the events will be digital, held via the Zoom platform but in future we plan on testing the format also in physical cafes!

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