Ghost Villages in Sardinia Opinion

On the problematic of the ever increasing phenomena of ghost villages in Sardinia I was asked to write a few ideas I had on the topic as part of an application process for ‘Campus Omodeo’ a week long intense course / research project held in Nughedu Santa Vittoria in a very remote area in the heart of Sardinia.

These are the solutions I jetted down two months before starting the course. I don’t yet have any specific knowledge in this field yet in my opinion these measures might work.

Details of this plan are further explained in the linked numbers or articles. Click on one of the five titles to read more about the specific idea to fight desertification of rural communities.

If you like share the idea or drop a comment, having a debate and exchanging ideas in the hope that some concrete action takes place in order to reduce or maybe even reverse this phenomena.

  1. Education
  2. Transport network improvements
  3. Technological improvements
  4. Incentives for start ups and businesses to open or relocate to one of the communities
  5. Better localised social and medical services for the population, especially the elderly.


For more information on Campus Omodeo and the entire Ghost Village problematic check the start page of this dedicated section to the topic: