This special edition, 100% in English, is an extra magazine that Östgöta Nation has published this semester, in addition to the two ordinary issues.

As International Secretary, I would like to  massively thank the editors Lukas Forell and Tim Jonsson and all the writers for their time and energy in producing this English magazine to keep non-Swedish speakers informed about events in our nation. Special mention also goes to James Maxia who proofread and adjusted the articles and to our Kuratel who generously sponsored the printing and distribution of this extra edition.

I am proud to say that this magazine is yet another example of the fact that ÖG is not only a second home to students from Östergötland or Sweden, but also to students from all around the world. Some people say that great part of Sweden is starting to march in the wrong direction when it comes to welcoming people from foreign lands and making them feel included whilst we, as a student nation, are galloping in the opposite direction.

Welcome World, welcome to Östgöta Nation.

Alexander Maxia

International Secretary for Östgöta Nation VT 2017



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