Sweden Votes 2018

On the 9th of September 2018 Sweden is called to vote for local, regional and national elections. Many are the questions being raised and debated in squares across the country and many more people than you would usually find are getting engaged. Talking about politics is no longer a taboo and even disagreeing on what the future of the country should be is a reoccurring phenomena which reflects the divisions in opinion in Sweden and across the continent.


Lost in a Cup‘s theme of the month for September is ‘The Swedish Vote‘, firstly by asking the same questions to all major political parties to then analyse the background of the debates and outcomes of the elections from the 10th onwards.


As always this is a great opportunity for you to read into these topics, share a comment in the section underneath each post or even send a relevant contribution (in English!) following the website’s philosophy: #EspressøYourself