Caffè Karalis

Here you will be able to find the different products from Caffè Karalis, a small coffee producing company from Sardinia’s main city Cagliari.

The actual name of the brand is the old Phoenician name for Cagliari around 900 years B.C. as they were the first to found town as we know them today on the island.

Beyond the name, Karalis has a strong connection to the city of Cagliari as the coffee producing company who ownes it, La Tazza d’Oro, has an old tradition of roasting coffee which dates from the 1930’s. It all started when the Murgia family opened a small ‘Bar’ / Cafe in via Manno, the shopping street at the heart of Cagliari, after which they started producing coffee for household use and selling roasted beans to other cafes in town and across the island. Now the company has expanded and have moved their production in a factory located in the industrial area only 15 Km away from where the tradition began.

Today, with its less than twenty employees, it is the biggest coffee producer in Sardinia and is a very well known brand across the island and export their products to mainland Italy, all over Europe and to many parts of the world.