Caffè Karalis – Adesso Capsule Espresso System

This video gives a good introduction to the Adesso Capsule Espresso System. The coffee producing company is ‘La Tazza d’Oro Srl’ and is based in Cagliari, Sardinia (Italy) where they have been roasting coffee since 1938.

This capsule system is the latest addition to the series of coffee products they offer which includes different qualities of coffee beans, powder coffee and all related coffee merchandise such as cups of different shapes and sizes, take away cups…

In Sweden the capsules are marketed under the brand ‘Caffè Karalis’ which is the ancient name of Cagliari and has a strong brand identity connection to the island of Sardinia, it’s people and its main city.


The machine works on capsules specifically made for it and it has different varieties in different colour packaging:

Gold > Espresso Classico

White > Decafinated Espresso

Black > Espresso Esclusivo – 100% Arabic beans

Caffè al Ginseng (Ginseng coffee)

Lemon tea

Worried about environmental impact of the capsules? Read here!