Top Tips from Sweden


This is an extract from ‘A Guide to Sustainable Living’ 2013 edition given out to students in Uppsala at the beginning of the year.

My corridor’s kitchen is in a bit of a mess but I’m going to see if these tricks work..

The drain de-clogging system half worked, but to be fair the drainage system is quite old and if people keep chucking food down there, you can kind of see why it is not likely to work perfectly.

Fruit fly issue will take longer to solve and for now it looks like none of them feel like having pool parties..

Washing Dishes


Everyday you learn something new..

The other day I went to my friend’s flat and noticed that when he was doing the washing-up instead of squirting the liquid onto the plates or sponge he sprayed his dishes with a  washing up liquid diluted in water.

I bought a similar one for my flat and tried it out; it really works well! It uses less product and it applies it in a more efficient way as you use a small spray on the exact spot you need to clean instead of doing what I normally did (put a load of liquid on the sponge) that partly got wasted going straight down the sink.

Try it at home!

These little things help the environment whilst saving you money…


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Rubbish Money


It might not be much, but still £0,30 is not bad for chucking 3 cans of beer.

In Sweden Cans and Plastic bottles have ‘Pant’ and depending on their size the amount of money you get varies from a minimum of 1kr (£0.10) to a maximum of 2kr (£0.20). Still, if someone was to collect loads of rubbish they could make quite a bit of money by being ‘environmentally friendly’.