The London Murder Map

The London Murder Map

This is a map created by an independent fund who collected data from Police records, media and court cases to put together a detailed map on murders committed around London in the past 100 years.

Most murders were carried out by using knifes, if you are interested in finding out more go to the website to read about the individual cases and see who, how and possibly ‘why’ the victims were deprived of their life.

My deapest condolences to the family of the soldier who died but let’s look at how many others were murdered for reasons that were just as futile.

2 crazy idiots kill an innocent man in east London yesterday and wave around a knife shouting something about Allah and asking people to take pictures and upload them to the internet. Is that normal behaviour? Can we seriously call this terrorism or are we talking about 2 idiots that wanted to be famous for something different then taking part on the X-factor?

The police and the media call it a ‘terror attack’ but the gangs that murder as part of their ‘initiation ceremony’, don’t get the same coverage. After all, they are not even half as scary if they don’t follow Sadam, Bin-Laden or Voldemort’s orders.

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