6 Years Ago

6 years ago today I was at school.


It was a sunny day, like many others in Sardinia.


Everything was normal until 9:30. After that it became everything but normal.


Rumour started spreading that our school mate Leonardo, 1 year bellow me, had an accident on his moped just outside school.


Many ran to the scene leaving their classrooms others like myself stayed behind out of the way.


From that moment onwards the entire school stopped following lessons even the bell stopped ringing to mark the end of the hour.


Two ambulances came, but there was nothing they could do to save him.


It was as if time had stopped.


All of the school was in a collective spirit of shock and sadness.


Perhaps the thing that surprised me the most is that his mp3 kept playing music. Leonardo had left us forever yet his mp3 was still playing songs as if nothing had happened. How can that be possible?


The anniversary of this date is always marked in my old school by creating road safety events and football tournaments in Leo’s memory. To this day a whole series of initiatives take place including a road safety competition. For more info go to the website www.vivosicuro.it



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