Aegean, the Modern Day ‘Hermes’

The mythological Greek god has changed name and as opposed to flying via divine power it uses jet engines

I deliberately chose to fly to Athens with the Greek airline Aegean to have a taste of Greece from the moment I stepped on to the plane in Stockholm and I was not disappointed.

Privetly owned company they sell tickets at comparable rates to their competitors who operate the same route, but they offer you a top quality service that was standard throughout the aviation sector up until the beginning of the 2000’s.

Pre-departure sweet for your ears not to pop, full hot meal included, TV with subtitled documentary, free drinks (including beer and wine) and an overall very good service. It is not surprising that they won the prize ‘best regional airline of 2017’.

Amongst other things they also do recycling and have a policy that all food that has been left unopened would be given to a charity to feed the homeless!

How is it possible? They must be loosing loads of money or getting big state subsidies? Well, no.

They are not even a ‘flag baring company’, which would entitle it to special privileges as it would be representing the country and get special deals but they still manage to fly and make a good turnover too.

This paradigm goes to show that there clearly can be a way of maintaining good quality service without compromising the price. Undoubtedly it is more expensive than Ryanair but if you choose to not fly with a low cost airline you also are prepared to pay a bit more in exchange for a better service.

All other big European companies have cut down on what they serve, last of these was British airways who stopped handing out free sandwiches and started to selling them.

Long live the godly service of the Greek airline and may this be an inspirational message for the other carriers that if they want to give a good service, they can!

This strong message which flies around Europe with blue and white colours is paradoxically important. The thing I struggle to understand is how such a beautiful country with so much history, natural beauty, tasty food and great produce can be in such an economically unstable situation?

Greece seek from the plane seams to be truly a living paradox.

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