9 Questions to Swedish Poltical Parties

The debates are ongoing in Sweden and to get a better understanding of the situation I asked the same standard questions to all major Swedish political parties by approaching their wooden huts in Uppsala’s Stora Torget. This is one of the many sites across the country in which representatives of the different poltical parties hand out flyers, talk to citizens and answer questions.


I asked some questions in English for the benefit of those who are not fluent enough in Swedish to engage in the political debate that surrounds them and for those who are interested in the topic from overseas.


Here are the list of Questions asked:

  1.  What are the core values your party represents?
  2. Where would you place your party in the Left-Right political spectrum?
  3.  Which are the parties you feel closest to in the European Parliament?
  4. Why should people vote for your party?
  5. What are the general priorities your party aims at achieving throughout Sweden?
  6. Why should people vote for your party on a Local level?
  7. If elected, what will you do for Uppsala? And for Uppland?
  8. Do you have any links to further material on your party in English?
  9. Any other closing comments or remarks?



Find the answers given by the Uppsala-based political representatives of the different parties.

These are the ones which have answered so far:


These are the ones which we are still waiting on answers from:

  • Sveriges Demokraterna
  • Vänsterpartiet

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