At University


Manager at Allen Bar.

In my hall of residence last year we had our own traditional ‘Student bar’ that is not like most bars you can find on the Manchester Uni campus as everyone who works there are students and it is only for members (every resident in the hall was automatically a member for life). Nobody got paid, instead drink vouchers were given plus you could have drinks (non-alcoholic drinks as the law forbids you to serve and drink alcohol at the same time) and snacks. The great thing about it? You could decide what drinks to buy, try introduce something new, invent your own cocktail and as it is totally run by volunteers there are really good prices.

Fuse TV (Manchester’s Student channel)

Joined ‘Fuse TV’ at the start of first year, joined the committee as head of marketing and public relations in December and in May became head of Documentaries until January when I left for going to Uppsala.

Chairman of the University of Manchester’s Italian Society

Student Ambassador

As Student Ambassador I represented the University during open days and other promotional/informative events. I was in charge of guided tours around university owned accommodation and the campus, answering questions on the ‘student panel’ from both (worried) parents and prospective students.





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