Ideas for the University of Manchester’s Student Union

These are some of my ideas that I developed whilst living in Uppsala during my exchange term that I think could improve Manchester’s Student community. Most of them were part of my campaign during the S.U. Elections in which I applied for the post of ‘Community Officer’. Click on the title of the idea if you wish to read more details:

The Student Town within the City: building the Student Community.

Transforming the Concept of ‘Student Bars’: cheaper prices (no-profit and volunteer workers) run and organised by students, more than just booze.

Rewarding Loyalty and Participation: the more you spend in the Union the more you gain; the more you work in the Union (from society committee members to student-media, RAG…) the more you are rewarded.

Open a Student-Run Second Hand Shop: saving you time and money whilst helping the environment by reducing waste.

Bring more SU activities to Fallowfield, natural heart of Manchester’s Student community and increase partnership with the hall’s R.A.

Allen Hall: a renovation project combining SU ran accommodation and a convenient base for SU activities (close to Fallowfield, Rusholme and Victoria Park).

3 Student Club nights a week: in SU, Fallowfield and Victoria Park.

Improve communications: increase cooperation with Student Media.


Create Student Union owned accommodation: good standards, low prices.

More information and guidance to students choosing private housing.


Pressure transport companies and TfGM (transport for Greater Manchester) in making the ‘student bus pass’ valid on all bus and tram companies in Manchester without an increase in fair.

Organise ‘group bookings’ for cheaper university-home commuting. 

Student Media:

Change a few things in Fuse TV by making it more open and easy to join and work with the SU in rewarding people for the time they dedicate to our channel.

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