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Lost in a Cup of Italy

‘Come lo gradisci il caffe’? Con o senza zucchero?’ (‘How would you like your coffee? With or without sugar?’)

This section will cover topics that concern Italy, the country in which I lived most my life and where all my father’s side of the family lives. A beautiful place, with caring people, healthy lifestyle, nice weather and loads of history and ancient traditions. Lets not forget about the food or my all time favourite coffee!

The quote posted earlier is one of the most common script you would hear if you were visiting an Italian, who would always (no matter what time of day) offer you a cup of coffee and once it’s ready the host would (obviously) ask you how you prefered it.

You could choose ‘Con zucchero!’ (with sugar) in which case the coffee will be sweet and (depending on the amount you put) you can hide if it is good or bad quality, well made or burnt.

Or the other option would be ‘Senza zucchero!’ (without sugar), it would be a more sour taste, nothing can be hidden if its good it will be amazing if its bad you will stay with a bad taste in your mouth for quite a while.

The choice ‘sugar or no sugar’ is a bit like the choice you’re making when talking about Italy. If you would prefer to read the sweet story then you are still on time to change website. If you want to read the true story (or at least what I deem as true, based on what I know!) then keep reading. I need to warn you; it may leave you with a sense of bitterness and anger, but only then you will really understand the average Italian’s way of thinking.


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