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Lost in a Cup of Sweden

This section is dedicated to posts regarding my ‘Swedish experience’ during my 6 month stay in Uppsala University as part of my Erasmus exchange (between January and June 2013) and more recent experiences now that I have moved back to Uppsala in August 2016.The name of this part of my blog is the Swedish word for coffee that you most likely would have during ‘Fika’. To have fika is almost a ritual where people take a break at work, meet up with friends or go on a date whilst drinking coffee and eating delicious cakes to go with it.These posts will focus mainly on describing places, people, food and overall social experiences connected to observations of everyday life and travels. I hope to offer a different prospective from the average ‘study abroad student’ that decides to write a blog as I will try to contrast and compare different cultures and life styles with the two I’m most familiar with: the Italian and the English one. My studies and strong interest in History, Sociology and Anthropology as means of understanding past and present society, will also influence the way I see things and how I describe them in the posts I publish. This blog will not talk about how great the new people I’m meeting are (although most of them really really are) or homesick narratives of family and friends whom I miss but I will focus in providing brief, entertaining and possibly enriching (I hope!) stories. 
Here you find the links to the various posts in chronological order (from the most recent to the oldest).



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