Sardinia is Calling

The idea behind ‘Sardinia is Calling‘ is to create a portal with which to promote the image of an unknown island located in the heart of the Mediterranean sea.

A combination of cultural, historical and geographical notions will be the necessary framework to create a connection between Sardinia and the rest of the world that will be built on a series of links, pictures, local knowledge and contacts all conveyed in one portal simple, well-structured and totally in English.

When completed, it will be a tool for people interested in discovering the unseen Sardinia, located far from the crystal-clear waters and tourist resorts on the coast but situated within its villages, fields and mountains where many ‘authentic’ parts of the island’s economy still remain.

The discovering process will not limit itself to Travel and Cultural experiences but will explore local businesses, their products, innovative entrepreneur ventures and more.

This will give the possibility for an outsider to benefit from local knowledge, even without knowing a word of Italian, in terms of opportunities for financial investments which are not strictly dependent on the stock markets but are based within small, independent and  mainly family-run businesses.

Due to the financial crises and the difficulties in obtaining mortgages, many companies are forced to post-pone the much needed technological improvements which are essential for maintaining the competitive edge of a small businesses. The potential investor could use ‘Sardinia is Calling’ to find a project which would suit the investors experience and/or interest the most, go to Sardinia, get to know the business and its owners, explore the surroundings and valuate if and how they would want to invest in one of the businesses.

The investment would involve more than buying shares within a companies equity but would allow the possibility of bringing new ideas and strategies to strengthen the business, have the bonus of having free products and also further boost its potentials thanks to broader connections that the investor would have at home, promoting the product on the other side of the sea.

Both the website and the rest of the project are still very much in a  ‘work in progress’ stage and the aim is to be fully operational by Summer 2014.





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