Sardinia 4 Students

This page is dedicated to students interested in travelling to Sardinia.

What is Sardinia?

Sardinia is an island in the heart of the Mediterranean sea.

Some theorists sustain that the legendary island of ‘Atlantis’ was actually Sardinia (as Hercules columns could have been the straight between Sicily and Calabria)..

But beyond the possibility of telling gran that you went to Atlantis Sardinia is a good destination for several other reasons too, such as:

-Beautiful beaches

-Uncontaminated wildlife and nature both inland and at sea.

-Great food: a variety of regional dishes and ingredients add the extra touch to the world famous Italian cuisine.

-Archaeological wonders: from the ‘Nuragici’ (pre-historic population unique to Sardinia) to Romans and Spaniards are just a few of the many populations that colonised Sardinia through the centuries leaving an immense archaeological heritage.

You can get the chance to do a lot of outdoor sports in Sardinia and experience many different activities:

-Day-trip cruising round the marine Park on a yacht and visiting some of the most beautiful beaches in Europe

-A Spot of Surfing?

-Quality Wine tasting sessions

-Sky dive

-Scuba diving

-Star gazing: sounds lame, I know, but Sardinia has many observatories in remote hills in the middle of nowhere from which you can have the possibility of seeing many more stars then you normally would.

-Horse riding

-Wine tasting sessions

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