My View

My vision of an ‘ideal student community’ is strongly influenced by what I’m experiencing here in Sweden on my exchange semester in Uppsala University.

Arguably attempting to make Manchester as safe and student friendly as Uppsala is impossible even for a God.

This university is the same size as Manchester but is in a much smaller city (200.000 inhabitants), it has traditions dating back to the 1400’s and the students do a lot of work for the benefit of other students. Most students go to club nights, pubs, coffee and lunch nearly exclusively in the 13 student unions.

Worth a try?

Why not.. I’m full of motivation and positive energy, plus if I don’t do it this year I doubt I will have the will-power to do it in future as another year of grey skies in Manchester will be enough to dampen my spirits and surrender in front of the immensity the challenge brings.

There is a lot that can be done to improve the student experience and create an authentic student community, it is simply a fact of getting one’s act together.

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