‘Silvio’s Army’ celebrates Mr Berlusconi’s Innocence

A bunch of supporters of Mr Sivlio Berlusconi celebrated him being proclaimed ‘innocent’ (according to what they understood) in the Mediaset trial in Italy’s high-court in Rome.. An error in communication was to blame for this hilarious episode.


The entire scene reminds me of a moment of public euphoria typical of a world cup football semi-final when Italy, yet again, reaches penalty shoot-out.

Nobody understands exactly what is going on and the entire country is glued in front of Rai 1 to watch the game live. What normally happens is that as soon as one of the houses (with windows wide open) starts shouting and celebrating most people around follow.

That is exactly what happened in Rome in this video where a party was starting and they were on the point of opening the champagne bottles.

Unfortunately for ‘Silvio’s Army’ the lady on the telephone got the wrong message. Quite a hilarious scene considering it happened in front of many journalists.

As one of the spokesmen, who could not hide his bitter disappointment, said to everybody else surrounding: “Questa è una figuraccia” ( = This is an embarassment).

Best moment out of the entire video was when some people who did not support the 76 year-old crook spoke and laughed at the crowd of supporters.

Hand gestures and poetic language used by the militants was, as Matteo puts it, better then any ‘Family Guy’ sketch on Italians and hand-gestures  (‘badidibupi, ma che cazzoooo?!’).

Hope you enjoyed this as much as I did, I was in tears with laughter..

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