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60 Years of Cultural Institute – PopUp Café

Text: Alexander Maxia – Photos: Marcus Sätherström Last November ‘Italienskkulturinstitutet‘ or

White [Milky] Friday

Today is ‘White Friday‘ on Lost in a Cup. Today we

Food & Drink you must try in Sardinia

The other day I met a chatty Swedish guy in a

25 Aprile: Lettera a gli Studenti Italiani di Uppsala

[English below] Carissimi soci, Oggi l’Italia festeggia la ‘Festa di Liberazione’.

The Sardinian Diaspora

Sardinia has a total population of around 1.6 million inhabitants (roughly

Take Me to Church 

Being brought up as a Catholic I got the chance to

Fulvio Fo (1928 – 2010)

Exactly 6 years today (17th November 2010)the great artist Fulvio Fo

Greeting People

Cultural differences in way people in different countries greet each other

Italian stereotype-based advert of Peugeout 206

Story of a young, ambitious, Indian guy who thanks to his

Indian and Italian Stereotypes by Russel Peters

Simply amazingly funny and brilliant in his description of widespread xenophobia