The Fika Ritual

Coffee breaks in Sweden are more than a pause, they are a ritual.                                    


The word ‘Fika’ is unique to the Swedish language and means ‘coffee break’ or maybe it would be more correct to say ‘coffee ritual’.

This almost sacred tradition involves coffee, something to eat and a good conversation. It offers the perfect setting to meet a friend, a relative or even a date!

Many workplaces endorse the  ‘Fika break culture’ with special dedicated areas which seem more spacious and comfortable than in other countries. It is a key part of the daily routine in which the number one goal is to enjoy the coffee, maybe have a snack and relax a few minutes with colleagues.

Sweden gives the ‘coffee ritual’ more importance than most other countries do and surprisingly this includes Italy! In my experience, Italians give most importance to taste and quality and not to the actual ritual which lasts under a minute, enough time to make an espresso, add sugar, stir and shoot it down. Down south the actual sitting around and chatting is something most Italians would rather do in the evening over an aperitif.

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