Coffe Culture

Coffee is more than your average drink, it’s a centuries old passion.

The varieties, recipes, tricks one can do to make it but also the history and the culture surrounding coffee in different parts of the world, are so many and so different. That’s why there needs to be a specially dedicated section to explore this.

Brown [Coffee] Friday

Last week was Black [Coffee] Friday so this week is brown

Event: ‘Espresso Yourself’ – Uppsala

Ever wondered what’s the secret behind a great tasting Italian coffee?

Black [Coffee] Friday

Today is “Black Friday“! Here at Lost in a Cup prices

Social Experiment: Pop-Up Café in Studentstaden

Pop-up shops, restaurants and venues have been popping up everywhere like

White [Milky] Friday

Today is ‘White Friday‘ on Lost in a Cup. Today we

Recipe: Espresso Martini

When you think of an espresso based cocktail the first thing

Trick or Treat? MERINGUE-UCCINO!

One of my most scary experiences in recent times..   Whilst

BYOB – Be Your Own Barista

Is it possible to make Café style coffee at home?    

Week’s Drink: Espresso Tonic

Many love a good G&T but have you ever tried an

The Fika Ritual

Coffee breaks in Sweden are more than a pause, they are