Kebab Pizza – The Real Deal


Last night finally got round to trying an authentic ‘real Kebab Pizza’ in the local pizza house.

After having tried a ready-made version last week.

My Italian side immediately thought the combination was odd but must say I am really quite surprised how nice it is!! You have the classic Margherita base (tomato sauce and mozzarella) plus Kebab meat, green chillies, peppers, onions, slightly spicy red sauce and ‘tzatziki’ (the white, mild sauce).

I tried doing a Google search to see what came up with typing ‘Kebab Pizza’ and apart from a few blog entries there was nothing substantial about its origin. My guess is that it originates from when immigration was strong here in Sweden and foreign restaurants and fast food outlets were opening. This is the likely conversation between the 2 Swedes who invented it:

What take-away shall we have tonight?

I don’t know, you decide.

Well the choice is between Pizza or Kebab, no; you decide!

I did it last time, it’s you turn now.

No I refuse, you decide.

OK LET’S MAKE A COMPROMISE: We will have Pizza with Kebab on top.

No doubt this conversation has really happened a few times and the solution to the problem is solved.

Swedes love to compromise, not worth arguing, when you just need to find a middle way.

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