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60 Years of Cultural Institute – PopUp Café

Text: Alexander Maxia – Photos: Marcus Sätherström Last November ‘Italienskkulturinstitutet‘ or

Event: ‘Espresso Yourself’ – Uppsala

Ever wondered what’s the secret behind a great tasting Italian coffee?

Men in Boxes – #internationalmensday

If you order coffee from the shop I go to the

Social Experiment: Pop-Up Café in Studentstaden

Pop-up shops, restaurants and venues have been popping up everywhere like

White [Milky] Friday

Today is ‘White Friday‘ on Lost in a Cup. Today we

Libralerna Answers

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Nya Moderaterna Answers

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Social Demokraterna Answers

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KristDemokraterna Answers

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Guide to Student Life in Uppsala

Uppsala is one of the best cities to be a student